My latest feature in current edition of Grand Designs Magazine March, 2019.

Every owner has a unique reason for buying their home. For Amy Jones and her partner Bryn, it was the look of the sinuous old staircase at the heart of the cottage. 'I fell in love with the way the curved bannister winds up the stairs. It hooked me immediately, ‘says Amy.

The property is a former estate cottage built into a shale rock hill side in rural Mid Wales. Renovating, converting and extending this property became a labour of love that put the project management skills of its owners to the test. See more details in March issue of Grand Designs Magazine.

All Photography by Matt Cant

Styling by Nicola Wilkes

Bachie cottage16961.jpg
Bachie cottage17147.jpg
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Bachie cottage17137.jpg
Bachie cottage16984.jpg
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