Happy holidays folks... About three weeks ago I was invited by the talented stylist and writer Will Taylor of Bright Bazzar @brightbazaar to shoot for the International Rue Magazine @ruemag.com in beautiful sunny Gloucestershire at a fabulous house.

You can be the judge. But I think the results are nothing short of spectacular... As you can imagine it was a long day of decorating, styling and shooting but we managed to fit it all in daylight hours.

We had one day to capture three different Christmas looks in the same room. The themes were Folksy, Technicolour and Noir Glamour. Will styled it beautifully and was really keen to show how holiday decorating can reflect your personality and style preferences, no matter what the existing space is like.

Funny thing I've gone all christmassy!!
How our earth am I going to hold back until December to put up those decorations??