www.mattcant.com V4.0

It's been a long time in the making......But its finally here. www.mattcant.com version 4. The new site has a fresh new Interiors feel and a much larger folio of images.The genres are Interiors, People and Tourism which pretty much covers what I shoot these days.  You may notice that I have opted for a landscape pillarbox orientation. A bold move which ruled out seventy five percent of my back catalogue. This is because I want every image to use the whole of the web screen area, Image is hero with no borders whatsoever... over every device phone, tablet and computer.

The new screen resolution is a wonderful 1500x720 pixels which I hope really shows off the images. I hope you like it! Please do comment below. Especially should you find any niggles whilst viewing on a particular device please let me know. I would appreciate your feedback. :O)